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Up crafts palace is still following the same tradition of the 17th century by doing the inlay work on marble the same way as it was done in Taj Mahal. The people who do the inlay work in this time are the direct descendents of the same people who were employed in Taj Mahal for inlay work.

Infact itís a traditional art coming down in generations from father to son, son to grandson like that way.


The same technique is followed to do the work as it was done in Taj Mahal right from choosing the raw material to the final finishing.

We are a traditional family of artisans to develop & create new technologies for handicraft products like Table tops, soapstone marble products, sandstone marble products and different type of handicraft products to project and promote our heritage craft. Our new developments are in the area of Table tops, Animals, Candle Lamps, Aroma Lamps, Boxes, Plates, Statues of God and Godesses and many more other designer items.



We have our own manufacturing units to manufacture marble items, New handicraft items, Carpet, Durries and Rugs. When we talk about Marble inlay items then this is our other strong hand in export market. Your increasing application has made us totally self reliant in sourcing basic materials, selecting motifs, designing artware and managing production and of course selling them world over.
And this..... all for your kind appraisal..... and much needed encouragement